DRPRO 2018-NL (Network Licence)

Includes Service Pack 4

DRPRO 2017-NL (Previous NL Version)

If the DATA is on a network server, DRPRO will stop and ask you for the DATA location during the first time it runs. Point it to the correct location on the server and restart DRPRO again. DRPRO will work in ‘DEMO MODE’ by default until your unique Licence Registration File is emailed to you and activated within the program. This Licence Registration File knows how many Network Licences are to be simultaneously accessed on your network. Please NOTE that these new DRPRO-NL Licences are Concurrent or Floating Licences, they are NOT Fixed to each workstation where DRPRO is installed. You can install DRPRO-NL on every workstation in the office where it is required. The number of simultaneous workstations that can access DRPRO depends on the number of Network Licences purchased for the year. Additional Network Licences can be added during the rental period at any time. BACKUPS: Please ensure that the DATA folder is backed up regularly. Everything else is replaceable but your DATA is not! NOTE: Always do a DATA backup and review the latest release notes when upgrading to a new version of DRPRO.
Once you have downloaded the necessary files and saved them to your local computer, you can double click on the setup file to start the installation process. During setup, select one of the two Installation types that are available: 1) Program Files ONLY Use this option in Multi-User installations, by installing the Program Files Only on each workstation around the network. The Data Files will be installed separately on a Network Server as per Option 2 below. NOTE: DO NOT install the DRPRO Program Files on a server. 2) Data Files ONLY Re-run the same installation file to install the Data Files Only on a Network Server. Make sure the folder selected is accessible to all DRPRO users and that they all have Full Read+Write access permissions. DO NOT do this step if you already have live data on the Server, or it will be overwritten!

DRPRO 2018-SP4 (Older Fixed Licence)

NOTE: If you are looking for the older Fixed Licence

Option of DRPRO, please use the links below: